General Questions


When did OtisMagie Insurance Agency become part of Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC (MMA)?

December 7, 2018.

Why did OtisMagie decide to sell?

After regularly being approached by larger agencies, OtisMagie’s leadership team (Tom, Rick and

Rhonda) decided it would be best if OtisMagie explored possibilities to ensure the company’s future,

while OtisMagie was on solid ground financially and operationally, and not actually for sale.

Consequently, with help from their advisors they spent six months analyzing and identifying the best

strategy for optimizing future growth of the firm. After careful thought, they determined that joining

MMA was the best option to meet their goals of retaining their operating model and leadership

structure, while providing optimal growth for employees and the firm. Under MMA’s decentralized

business model, OtisMagie Insurance Agency’s culture and commitment to the community will remain

the same.

Why did MMA choose OtisMagie Insurance Agency?

MMA only seeks quality firms, not those that are struggling or need to sell. MMA’s leadership was

attracted to OtisMagie’s 132year tradition, and strong reputation, along with its leadership, quality

employees, culture and dedication to customer service.

How will OtisMagie jobs be affected?

No positions will be lost directly due to this acquisition. The people, values and service platform are

what attracted MMA to OtisMagie, and OtisMagies plans to continue working with clients in the same

way as we always have. This is about growth, not consolidation and cost reduction.



Will I still work with the same people?

Yes. Our service teams will not change due to this transaction.

How can I reach my account representatives?

The same way you always have. We’ll remain in our offices, and keep the same phone numbers, fax

numbers and email addresses.

Will our company name and logo change?

Because MMA respects the equity we have built into our name and brand, we will initially make only

slight modifications to our current logo and name to reflect our new relationship with MMA. Our new

name is OtisMagie Insurance Agency, a Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC company. We can still be

referred to, unofficially, as OtisMagie Insurance Agency. Over time, we will transition to the MMA logo

and branding and will be known as Marsh & McLennan Agency. These timing decisions will be made

responsibly by local and regional leadership in ways that minimize any disruption.

What kinds of operational changes can be expected?

Any business transaction requires some change, and this one will be no different. Ultimately, though,

the changes should be limited to our internal processes more than anything and clients shouldn’t notice

much different. We’ll continue operating in the same locations, account teams aren’t changing, and

contact information will remain the same.

What benefit will I see as an OtisMagie customer?

There will be tremendous benefits to our customers. Not only will we have the backing (and all that

comes with it, including expertise, knowledge, carrier access, marketplace strength, proprietary

products and industryleading technology platforms) of the leading insurance brokers in the world, but

you will also keep the personal relationships and connection with the agents in your community. In

short, you’ll gain access to world class resources delivered locally through people you know, trust and

who are vested in your community.



What is MMA?

Marsh & McLennan Agency was created in 2008 as a separate operating subsidiary of Marsh LLC, the

world’s leading global insurance broker and risk management advisor, primarily to serve the property

and casualty and employee benefits needs of the middle market. Since November 2009, MMA has been

building its national platform by strategically partnering with high quality insurance and consulting firms

across the country.

MMA is headquartered in White Plains, New York. The New York office does not service any clients and

primarily serves as the corporate headquarters for all of its agency companies. MMA keeps a small

corporate staff to ensure the majority of decisions are made by the regional management teams.

Who runs MMA?

David Eslick is chairman and CEO of MMA. David has nearly 30 years of experience in the insurance

industry, most recently with USI Holdings, where he led USI’s expansion through acquisition over a fiveyear

period. You can read more about David Eslick at the MMA Website.

Bill Jeatran is president of MMA. Bill is well known across the industry, and was the founder of RJF

Agencies, which joined MMA in 2011. Following RJF’s acquisition, he led the upper Midwest region

before becoming MMA’s president.

Where is MMA headquartered?

MMA is headquartered in White Plains, New York. Its regional headquarters is in Minneapolis

How does MMA envision growing in the next few years?

MMA has been very public about its goal of building one of our industry’s preeminent national

organizations. MMA has made dozens of acquisitions since it began building its national platform in

November 2009, and is one of the largest insurance brokers in the United States with more than $1

billion in annual revenues. Continued growth will occur through additional acquisitions and an ongoing

focus on organic sales growth.

Their unique acquisition growth model ensures little disruption of operations at the regional level,

ensuring the integrity and culture of each agency remains intact, while at the same time building a

comprehensive and diverse national network.

What other companies have joined MMA?

Recent additions to MMA include J.W. Terrill in St. Louis, Cline Wood in Kansas City, MHBT, Inc., in Dallas

and Vézina in Montreal, Quebec. Over the past several years, some very prominent firms with national

notoriety have become part of MMA, including Barney & Barney, Senn Dunn and Seitlin.

The upper Midwest region includes agencies formerly known as RJF in Minneapolis, Security Insurance

Services in Milwaukee, Dawson Insurance in Fargo, McGraw Wentworth and Cambridge Property &

Casualty in Detroit, Liscomb Hood Mason in Duluth, MN, Howalt+McDowell in Sioux Falls, Haake and

Cline Wood in Kansas City, and J.W. Terrill in St. Louis.


Worker Compensation Questions

Does it pay immediately?

No. If off for more than seven days, starts on day eight. If off for 14 days or more, it is retroactive to Day 1.

Personal Auto Questions

Home Owner Questions

The insured has a “Dwelling Under Construction” clause on their policy. When does this have to change or does it?

Yes, Dwelling Under Construction clause should only apply for 1 year. When the workers or insured have completed the home, the insured should call and advise the agent/agency. At that point, the Dwelling Under Construction clause is removed, coverages are re-evaluated, photos are taken and the Guaranteed Home Replacement Cost endorsement can be added.